About Me

I’m a personal development, connection-focused life-long computer geek/nerd. These days I am with the love of my life, my Pisces girl, in the seaside town of Bellingham, WA.

We are growing in our explorations  of Argentine Tango, Magick, our Twin Flame connection, tarot, energetics (Chi), and the paranormal. We love, laugh, and dance with each other and our families every chance we get. My two daughters and step-son each make me proud everyday as they grow and learn.

My wife is in the bright red dress next to me.

My life has been an attempt to reconcile a number of energies present in me. They compete for time and attention. They are also a creative force seeking outlet. There are a number of them and they don’t all get along.

This experiment in having too many gifts has been a constant theme my entire adult life. Fitting the square peg in the round hole is not working. Time for a new experiment.

My life is now geared towards expressing the facets of myself. Traits, innate abilities, and interests in as an authentic way as possible. Without, this is key, attempting to be normal. You are most welcome to join me as I share this journey on my blog.