About Eric

I’m a personal development, connection-focused life-long computer geek/nerd. These days I live magickally with the love of my life, my Pisces girl, in the water-side town of Bellingham, WA. In the picture below, my wife is in the bright red dress next to me.

We are growing in our explorations  of Argentine Tango, Magick, our Twin Flame connection, tarot, energetics (Chi), and the paranormal. We love, laugh, and dance with each other and our families every chance we get. My two daughters and step-son each make me proud everyday as they grow and learn.

Other obsessions include researching subjects such as human potential, hypnotherapy, and how people connect deeply with each other.

Mystical Initiation and Path

The Early Years

My first 7 or so years of life were spent in Seattle just minutes from Puget Sound. My dad was an airline pilot and my mother, at least until they decided to start a family, was a medical technologist. Because of my dad’s job, we lived minutes from Sea-Tac airport. Between Air and Water!

The Universe did start sending messages early. In retrospect the hints seem obvious. I was born and raised between two strong representations of Air and Water elements!

After I finished 1st grade we moved to a house on a beach on Camano Island. Being quite sensitive, Cancer is my sun sign, the beach had a large and subtle impact on my development. Summer meant months of non-stop wandering for miles by foot and boat. The moon and tides became energies I could feel in my body. The sound of waves is a rhythm I can feel in my body and breath. I learned to connect with Fire on the beach. By the time I left home to go out in the world as an adult I had probably started and sat around a few thousand beach fires. Wind blowing across the bay talked to me directly. Rocks and sand with a coating of dried sea salt grounded me.

A Strange Child

When I was about 9 years old I traveled to Germany with my Mom. We were visiting family friends who lived near Munich. On one of our excursions into the city we stopped at a large bookstore. In one small section of the bookstore were some of Carlos Castaneda’s books in English. Even then I had a bent for the paranormal and the good fortune to have parents who wouldn’t think twice about buying my sisters and I books.

About a year and a half later I was having some pretty wild experiences practicing what I found in those books. Seeing my hands in my dreams, looking over my shoulder for Death stalking me, and intentional disrupting my habitual patterns were a some reality altering fun ones. Others like changing which sock I put on first and which pant leg I pull on first likely altered my nervous system permanently, as well.

The Initiation

Exploring and experimenting with magickal ideas never stopped. Eventually, in 2001, the ocean wave meditations I was practicing breached some internal bulkhead. I was on top of a hillside on the coast of California connected so strongly to Gaia my body buzzed feeling like a thick blanket of pin and needles wrapped and permeated my body. One fellow saw rainbows coming from my fingertips that afternoon. My body buzzed uncontrollably for three hours.

Getting “zapped” led me to a multi year exploration of subtle energy. Energy began to blend with intention. Spirits made themselves known. Now, decades after those early experiences, I am using magickal tools daily in living life. I see the ability to use our minds and our connections with non-ordinary reality including the entities as part of our birthright.