11:11 and Synchronicities

Train went by at 11:11 AM yesterday as I arrived at the park. Stenciled on the front and back was


A few minutes later I took the above picture.

Beth is big on the 11:11 thing. So when I saw 11:11 on my phone I admit I did pause to contemplate what the intersection of myself and the train at 11:11 AM was meant to tell me.

I don’t really have an answer. The entire Universe though can be thought of as a symbol machine talking with us continuously. Figuring out the meaning of those symbols usually is the domain of our subconscious.

I am still waiting to see what pops into my consciousness related to this train thing.

1 Thing I Did Years Ago to Get Ocean Magick Energy Pulsing Through My Body

Years and years ago, sometime around 1998-ish maybe earlier I started an intentional practice to develop my ability to sense energy.  I wanted to begin to feel energy course through my body. Not only that I wanted to be able to choose to ignite the flow both when I wished and where I wished. Meaning I wanted to be able to get in the energy state walking around or even driving.

What got me started on this path was something I read in one of Tom Brown Jr.’s books.  He talked about a feeling you could experience physically when you get to a certain state of meditation.  I forget exactly how he described it.  An electricity flowing through you. The force which connects all things. I wanted to feel that connection. The exact motivation I really don’t recall.

These days I understand what he was describing as Chi in Eastern terms. The subtle energy one taps into with Reiki and other related modalities. As is typical with my life’s journey I didn’t seek a master or teacher. What I got was a bright idea.  The best way I can to describe this idea would be to call it Ocean Breathing.

Forgive the detour but I can’t believe how much of my life I have experienced in an Ocean context.  My whole sorcery practice can be described as Oceanic.  The exercise I am going to describe is  blatantly Sea Sorcery yet only recently did I get this is what I have been doing.

Even when I was exploring Earth based approaches.  The most powerful experiences I have are nearly always near or in the ocean. The more I reflect on this idea the more I see the pattern.  The quietest inner voice is the most powerful. While the ocean can be a deafening storm of wind and waves the power is often in the depths which appear very quiet to us surface dwellers. This perspective also explains the amazing amount of ideas I get in the shower or while swimming.

Back to the Ocean Breathing.  When I say Ocean Breathing I am not saying put on SCUBA gear or attempt to actually breathe underwater. What I am suggesting is you imagine yourself a wave in a vast ocean

Ocean Breathing in 3 Steps

  1. Imagine every breath you inhale peaking at the end of your inhalation like the crest of a wave in the ocean.
  2. Imagine every breath you exhale ends in a trough.
  3. Imagine feeling the Ocean, energy, being drawn up into your being and flows back out as you exhale.
  4. Repeat.

Do this everywhere all the time.

  • Walking,
  • Driving,
  • Watching TV,
  • Playing Video Games
  • Cooking Diner

After a while you will begin to notice rather subtle feelings in your breathing process. Exactly how the sensation feels will be a little or even a lot different from person to person. Just be open to noticing what you notice.

As you develop the capacity to flow this energy you will also find you can direct it somewhat.  In fact, we open a Universe of ideas when we consider the possibilities for working with this energy. Some of the more obvious ones are related to healing work.  Healing is something I am not involved with these days. Developing your facilities of energy access and guiding though is one of the main piers for our magickal practice regardless of a specific area of interest.

Ocean energy skills work are also useful with:

  1. Sex magick and sexual connection at the energetic level can definitely get your attention. The power is in the subtleties. My most profound experiences have come from creating a space to be filled and holding that inner space confidently, patiently, and without expectation,
  2. attracting money and financial opportunities into your life,
  3. attracting your soul mate,
  4. connecting with entities whether personal or really in any pantheon will get a boost from developing your ocean energy abilities. Some of the ones I work with are quite personal and some are well known. Energetic skills have been helpful in every case. Much more so than specific words I may use in a ritual.  Communicating with energy is just so much more effective for me.
  5. most importantly, connecting with yourself. (The real point behind all these practices.)

You can open yourself to a new life of experiences and opportunities by starting this simple Ocean Breathing practice. No force, just the energy wave being drawn in and flowing out. Let the energy of Life keep flowing through you connecting you with the rest of creation. Stay open and the ripples turn into waves you can surf.

Ride the energy wave!

How To Tap into Infinite Energy for Magick

Energy.  Magick.

Really the same thing.  Making changes in reality with your mind.  Can happen by choosing to pick up a hammer and building a bird house.  Or, by casting a spell or conducting a ritual.

Decide how you want to direct your energy or chi. Do it.

Where do you get this energy?  In the physical we need enough sleep, healthy food, and clean water (maybe a little coffee now and then) to keep our body and brain ready for action.  In the non-physical realms of chi and spirit we gather life force and emotion.  Some might lump those together.  I see emotion as an aspect of life force. Chi energy goes far beyond emotion.

How do we accumulate energy for rituals or casting spells?

Energy is flowing through reality constantly. Reality IS energy. All of our experiences and existence come from a pool of chaotic energy.

  • Meditation practices can help gather this energy.
  • Transmuting emotion is another effective process.
  • A number of traditions have specific exercises you can practice.
  • Freeing energy from our internal belief systems.
  • Channeling energy from other physical entities.
  • Channeling energy from non-physical.

While people use magick to change their external worlds.  Magick, in the end, changes us.  Some of the most effective ways to harvest energy from life are to change ourselves.  More specifically, change our belief systems which are taking energy to maintain.  Especially, beliefs we’ve accepted from others during the course of our lives. Even more powerfully, social taboos.

One very simple way to experience this change is with the clothes you wear.

  • Get dressed like you would be going to a job interview or dinner in the nicest restaurant in town.
  • Put on a pair of unicorn rubber boots.  Or boots with polka dots.
  • Put on a silly hat.
  • Go to the mall. Or grocery shopping. Or your kid’s soccer game.
  • Own it.  Show up and notice how you feel.
  • Notice how others react.

In the owning of the stepping outside of customs or norms you accumulate energy. Another source of energy is the feeling of people around you.  What they are projecting to you as a result of your showing up.

All of this energy can be gathered, cleaned,  stored, and redirected. Energy is just energy.  No matter the source. Your mind is probably filled with little belief systems sucking energy off you.  Just like the belief about what you should wear to a job interview.Release them and use the energy.

You are probably spending energy dealing with other people’s beliefs and energy which are directed at you.  Keeping your own beliefs intact while being flooded from other people takes a lot of energy. Use their energy.  Stopping taking whatever you are receiving personally allows you to use their energy.  Either back at them or for any other purpose.

Become a hunter and gatherer of energy. Sources are everywhere.

  • Locate the energy source.
  • Attract the energy.
  • Process the energy.
  • Redirect or store the energy.

Energy can be stored in objects, your own body, or non-physically.  Be careful.  You can make yourself sick or worse doing this incorrectly.

Having help from a spirit-type entity is also a good idea. They can help make the process very efficient and effective.

Experiment. Learn to sense energy physically. See it. Feel it. Touch it. Hear it. Smell it.  However works best for you. Play with it.

We haven’t even gotten to sex yet.  Sex, either solo or partnered is an incredible source of energy and place for learning and experimenting. Stay tuned.

Death, Meditation, and Recursion

Today is a day of hypnotherapy, software development, and remembering a new friend in my life. He was called and inspired to serve and relieve the suffering of others. My new friend died recently while out hiking. While I am writing this my wife is with his widow. We don’t know and don’t control when our path in this life transitions to whatever comes next.

Michael Singer’s books “The Untethered Soul” and “The Surrender Experiment” are helping me remember aspects of my growing self-realization. Looking back I feel like in some ways, I took a 25 year detour. Forgetting practices and habits I new were important. I stagnated in fear for a long time. Though what I learned in those years was apparently what I needed to learn. Which can be a little embarrassing to my ego. All part of my path. Including letting go of the embarrassment. Deaths of a kind.

Lately, I’ve been getting a much more regular schedule of meditation without intention. Which is so simple and SO profoundly helpful. In completely unrelated news, or is it, Chapter 4 of The Little Schemer wrapped up today. Studying recursion (functions that call themselves) in computer programming has been stretching my brain a little.

Living an inspired life is remarkably challenging. So many shoulds are coming at each of us from so many directions. What gets in the way is not what we don’t have. Dropping what we’ve been given by others is the challenge. Should I be focusing on hypnotherapy, software, or ???? Yes!

As I keep dropping beliefs systems I get lighter. Instead of replacing those belief systems I am relaxing into the Self I am before the baggage found me. The toughest part in the growing self-realization is in this bit. I’ve held belief systems for much of my life knowing I would have to eventually drop them. Recently, I reach a threshold of some kind. I think it came from feeling like I lost everything over the last 5 years. Yeah, a bit dramatic. The feeling is there though. The result is being willing to give up everything ego attached in order to be free. Curious process going on here.

Sometimes balancing my diverse interests can be difficult. Egoic- mind wants to attach to one. Instead of letting the flow of Life inspire my next action my mind wants to tell the Universe how everything needs to happen. Why study the Scheme programming language? I don’t know! Yet, I feel drawn. Inspired. I’m also drawn to work with drones. Can’t say why. And when I get a little extra cash I’ll be getting some hardware for experimenting. My step-son asked this morning if he could help with a drone project.

Then there’s hypnotherapy. Programming for the Mind. Another thread in my life getting some focused attention from me. Helping people work with the systems of their mind is very rewarding. Instead of communicating in text with silicone we are working with imagery and feelings. Energy bundles making up belief systems “programmed” by life at some point in our history.

Venturing further gets into some out there stuff. Energy healing, Chi, remote viewing, remote influence …. For some reason, I’m drawn to all this. I still don’t know how all this things fit together. Somehow they are part of whatever Life is inspiring me to do in this Universe.

So, I keep doing my daily practice as best I am able. Thank you James Altucher for your book, Choosing Yourself. James’ book convinced me to attend to my Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual health every day each day. I wasn’t doing a very good job. Neglecting different aspects of my being was very limiting.

Turns out happiness is the foundation not the result of a life well lived. Moving my body, getting enough sleep(!!!), exercising my brain (Ten Ideas a Day!), reading and learning, meditation, love and being loved all keep me happy and tuned into the whispers from Life.