Taking My Own Counsel and Illusions of Success

Yesterday I met with a friend for coffee and conversation. The coffee shop is right on Bellingham Bay at Boulevard Park. Feet from the beach I took the above sunset picture. Beautiful. We are both ocean lovers so perfect.

After a while we were sharing about entrepreneurial pursuits and ideas we are pursuing. For myself, one of those is being able to share my mystical background to help people. Along the way we reflected on how different organizations and professions appear to attract people with certain personality types.

Some professions attract or are inherently conflict oriented. Ego and greed can dominate. What is it we want to experience each day? Who do we want to work with and serve? How much money does it take to make a predatory environment worth being part of for us? What if you don’t want to play the game anymore?

These are all important questions for some of us. So, we are chatting about our experiences in these various environments (he has a background in corporate finance with a very well known international company) and making career choices. I decide to do an impromptu card draw while we are talking. What do I need to know in the context of this conversation?

This is the card that I picked out of my deck.
7 cups subtitled Illusions of success. Wow. Cups is a heart centered suit in Tarot. Since yesterday I have been getting this image of the card with water cascading from one cup to the next.

Water is a very deep mystical and spiritual element tied to the Moon. Pouring water from cup (heart) to cup was my vision. Where in my life am I doing this and where am I not? I notice I am experiencing success where I am. Where I am not is stagnating dramatically.

The sharing of the wisdom of the heart is central to my path and experience. Without this aspect any success I have will just be an illusion. The way the Universe works with me I am not going to and am not finding worldly success without the heart sharing.

Time to get all areas of my life back on the path.

How to Do Successful Ocean Money Magick

I forget where I saw this first.  Either at RuneSoup.com or StrategicSorcery.com.

Magick is not an ATM machine.

No wait.  Magick is not alimony. It was one of those.

Either way you don’t just wish you had some money and poof, you’re bank account is full.  There’s a bit more to it. For one, you are part of this process of having money find you. Other people are part of this as well.  Money flows between and through people.

If you want to work with money magick there are a few concepts to consider. For that matter these ideas are worth considering for any ritual work you are wanting to do.

Tips for Successful Money Magick Rituals:

  1. Confidence – During the ritual imagine being confident even if you are not. This isn’t the same as faking it.  What I am suggesting is to have the confidence of a child playing.  Playful attitudes will carry you a very long ways.
  2. Intention and Presence – Be here now. Meditation can help. Speaking out loud to whoever you want to work with does as well.  While your speaking you tend to stay focused on what you are saying and your audience.
  3. No Leaning – Don’t beg.  Doesn’t work. Don’t be a bully either. Be centered and grounded. Anything else pushes people away or draws in vampires.
  4. Appreciation – Sea shells, tobacco, rum, whiskey, or sage offer whatever you feel drawn intuitively to offer. What’s most important is the appreciation.  Without groveling. Remember you are dealing with energies and entities which do not have to worry about things like eating. They don’t need your wine or sea glass. The value is in the love and appreciation being expressed.
  5. Transmuting Emotion – How do you feel having in the act of paying off your car?  Or whatever you are asking for?  How does depositing that $5000 feel? Don’t focus on the money directly.  Focus on the feeling of the money circulating into your life. If getting the roof fixed is more powerful for you than seeing your bank account balance with a surplus focus there.
  6. Magickal Awareness – Cultivate a magickal perspective on life.  See the world around you from a magickal point of view. Since magick will work in unexpected ways you may miss the seeing the results show up in your life because you were looking the other way.
  7. Patience – Stop obsessing with whether your ritual worked. Worrying like this only delays results. Or worse, cause you to miss them altogether.

Money or Wealth Finds You Through Other People

If you aren’t connecting with other people in some way money won’t find you. Think about like going fishing. Just not in a predatory way. Are you more likely to catch a fish with one fishing pole or 10? Each line in the water is a potential catch. Create channels for your desires to manifest.

So far this year my money magick work has been really educational. After a year my real estate brokering efforts have brought in zero dollars. Real estate could in fact be a good choice in the end.  Right now, goings are slow for me in the hottest market in history.

Why hasn’t magick worked in real estate? In a way magick has been working.  Potential clients have been finding me within days in rather unexpected ways within a few days each time I do rituals.  No transactions yet.

On the other hand I had a very nice windfall from a completely unexpected source show up within a few days of a ritual this spring. That ritual involved the Headless Rite, Four kings of the four directions, and spiced rum.  Or whiskey.  I forget.

This is typical.

Financial magick, like all magick, works by the rules of other realms. The magick does not work by human expectations.  You have to start somewhere though and having an idea where you want to go or what you want to achieve is important. Just make sure you create ways for results to come to you.

Browse the Internet for a while looking for wealth or financial magick stories. As a rule, whether you are working with angels or dragons, results happen in very unexpected ways from surprising sources. Timing will also be paradoxical.

One way and it is a good one is tapping into your gifts.  You were born with gifts to express in this world.  Some of them are even worthy of offering in exchange for money.  Offer value for value to other people. Your gifts are one way you can participate in the circulation of energy involving money. Figuring out your gifts though can be a challenge.

What Are Your Gifts?

The one thing I have been reluctant to do for decades, write about magick and help people with ritual work, is where all the energy is for me. Other hints I have been getting for years have been coming from other people about my voice.  I always get compliments on the quality of my voice in helping people get into trances for hypnosis or energy work.

These are my gifts!  I’m just now understanding sharing them.  The more I am sharing what I am learning and ready to share the more I am seeing results.  As is typical the results don’t fit my brain’s expectations. I am also learning people are happy to pay for me to share my gifts with them. This in another concept which has taken some inner work to get through.

When I started doing a new round of rituals this spring I decided to do something brand new to me.  I started working with archangels. Just to be clear, angels have never been my thing. No particular reason other than lack of exposure on my part. While I can’t really point to specific results from some of those rituals this spring there is one worth mentioning:

A ritual involving Metatron was very helpful in realizing a few of my  inner secrets:

  • First, seeing clearly how important the Ocean has been throughout my life.
  • Second, I have become much more willing to be more public about helping people through and with rituals and magick.
  • Mix ocean magick and sharing with others led to the creation of this blog.

The other rituals appear to be working they just aren’t really measurable yet. Remember timing is in a whole different dimension from yours. Results can happen in days, weeks, and sometimes a year later.  When results start showing up though you might feel like you were struck by lightening. Staying in the magickal frame of mind is key to not missing out.

Working with Mother Ocean

If you have a guide or spirit you would like to work with and are ready to power up a bit grab your life jacket.  Mother Ocean has been here since the dawn of time ready to work with you. You don’t have to be near the ocean.  If you have some ocean pictures, sand, water, or wave soundtrack can help you tap into her vast energy.

Your imagination is the doorway to all magick. Imagination is more powerful than most people realize.

I love working with the ocean because for me the images are so easy to access.  That ease is a big clue.  Life takes effort but it doesn’t require struggle.  If I am struggling in any part of my life I always take a closer look.  Including in my magickal and spiritual work. There is no effort for me to feel the tide coming in delivering  with it gifts from the ocean. Try it!

Can you readily imagine working with the ocean currents, sea life, tide, and moon?  Yes? Then you have access to Ocean Magick. Even just a deep inner knowing you are supposed to work with Mother Ocean is enough.

Setting can be helpful in stirring the energy and inspiring your imagination. People use alters in part to help create a setting for getting into the productive space.  Listening to waves, touching sand, and feeling saltwater whether at home or on the beach will help set the stage for you.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to be at the beach there’s all sorts of possibilities! Rocks, sea glass, sand, shells, water, sticks, driftwood, birds fish, the list goes on.  Make the space meaningful and respectful for you and all creatures .

Combining your imagination and Ocean Breathing you can connect your intention with the energy of the ocean. Acting as a guide you can channel ocean energy to empower your money goals. Or, ask to find those hidden treasures and gifts within yourself.

Release your energized intention and let it fly of like a seagull cruising the air currents off a cliff.

Let the tide bring your desires and gifts ashore.

How To Mix Magick, Money, and Your Career – Tales From My Life

Until very recently I was stumped by a very important career question?

What do I want to do?

For a guy over the age of 50 coming up with some answers sooner than later would be a good idea.  Assuming I want to experience some kind of change in the professional side of my life. No small task in my experience.

For years I have studied and tried starting various businesses. I have had a few careers.  I’ve made bit of money here and there in hobbies. Nothing stuck.

Except my adventures in the esoteric side of life. Those inclinations never left me alone.

For at least 15 years I have been getting this nudge to offer my magickal talents to help others. Yes, it has taken me over 15 years to get to a point where I can be comfortable with the idea of getting paid for using these gifts. My big hold up was not so much confidence.  I was really concerned about business ventures focused on the magickal would slow down my growth.

Really concerned! So much so I would have lived under a bridge before risking sabotage of my spiritual growth.  I even did get paid for doing energy work early on.  In the end, I didn’t pursue a healer’s path.

One recent experience helped transform my thinking about money and magick.  After doing some rituals and offerings I started seeing results.  Pay off a car loan and buy another new car kind of results.  One was a phone call out of the blue two days after a ritual. In other cases, prospective real estate clients started finding me as well.  And fast.

What else happened was my growth accelerated. Why? Integration. I was beginning to integrate more parts of my life into the whole of who I am. Magickal and mundane are woven together. They are on in the same. I was limiting myself by creating the illusion of two worlds.  One to express the magickal aspects of my existence and the other the non-magickal. When in truth all of my life is magickal. Reality is founded in the magickal energies.

Including the money making parts.

So the next question becomes, “Do I use my skills in a non-magick field or offer my them directly to others in exchange for money?”

Both options are completely valid.  In my case, I have been studying, practicing, and experimenting with all sorts of paranormal and energetic things since I was 9 years old.  Speaking of, I have no idea what happened to the pyramid necklace I ordered in the mail. Curious child I was for sure.

My longevity in every other field of interest I have studied doesn’t even come close. You might say I tried everything else I could and am left with what was there in the first place.  Okay I took over 40 years to get here but better late than never.

What conclusions might you draw from my story? Or maybe what have I learned from my path so far?

  • All of reality is magickal at the foundation. I find hints of non-ordinary reality everywhere.
  • Business and career is just one of many ways for people to interact with each other and the world around them.
  • My delineation of money from the rest of reality has been fear-based.  I feel money at best represents energy.  Other than to humans in the physical it is just paper with printing.

The tools available in the various magickal systems are useful in real estate, medicine, education, business, politics, raising kids, or anything else. Everything we perceive in the physical experience is still subject to influence of some sort by the magickal. How you apply the tools though would  vary with your circumstances and your belief systems. Smoothing over tense situations at work and attracting a new client require approaches only really differing in the details. Meta-processes are quite similar.

I’ve come to understand that I just happen to be someone who is drawn specifically to energy and magick as a primary study.  If there was another field where I had this kind of attraction I could use magick to enhance that career. There isn’t so here I am.

Well, there is my side gig teaching Argentine Tango. A rich experience for anyone interested in heart magic. Another story for another day.


How Not to be Hypnotized by Software Consulting Clients

This morning I had a fascinating conversation with my friend Bob. He’s been a consultant since forever. Programming since the 70s. We get together weekly to connect and share about life, technology and spiritual matters.

Since I’ve been struggling with how to talk with potential clients and get to their pain points Bob offered to role play this morning. He was playing the prospective client.

Here’s what happened.

Years of practice and training around being in a heart centered space of awareness went out the window. Sure, I was reaching a surface level of engagement. There was no connection building though. Which meant I wasn’t developing trust and rapport. Which meant I was not getting to the HEART of the problem my “client” was facing.

Why was this happening?


I was in my head. Literally. In. My. Head.

My vision had narrowed. I was aware of ego processes kicking in. Even my awareness of my body below my neck was pretty limited!

As a result we weren’t connecting, the client wasn’t able to share what was really going on in his business, and we never got past surface conversation. This has been happening with me forever! In certain contexts shifting out of my heart awareness is an unconscious habit. I become hypnotized!

Dropping into my heart after debriefing shifted the rest of the conversation dramatically. My friend could feel the difference, too. All of the sudden my ability to ask questions leading to deeper understanding. Ego processes floated off. He could feel the openness and safe space for sharing created by my shift to heart awareness.

Making the shift was pretty simple. I put my attention on my physical heart. My field of vision relaxed. Every inhalation comes in through my heart, every exhalation goes out through my heart.

Two things are happening. First, you are paying attention to your breathing. A practice that goes way back for controlling our thought processes. Second, we are shifting our attention to our hearts.

There’s something about how you direct your physical attention that shifts your mind. I suspect it must light up a bunch of heart neurons that shift how our brains work when we place our attention on our heart. Remembering to stay in our heart awareness when talking with prospective consulting clients is the big trick!