Sunny Day at the Beach!

We went to another local beach this afternoon.  This one is near Little Squalicum Park. Found some sea glass, shells, and fascinating rocks. Might work for some ritual work as there aren’t too many people and there is alot of beach. Certainly convenient from our house.

I did get a chance to try out taking video with my phone.  Looks pretty good. Love the waves!

Relaxing Short Beach Video

I hope you enjoy this video of a local beach I visited yesterday.  This beach is at Marine Park in Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA. I forgot my phone and recorded this clip with my Kindle Fire. Turned out better than I expected. Granted it is a bit noisy with my shuffling around behind the camera.

The sound of waves is so soothing. This video represents a change both in what I am sharing with the world at large and what I am embracing in my own path. More to be written later on all things Ocean, Sea, Magick, and Sorcery.

Finally, it is all coming together!

Fairhaven Beach Video